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Affiliate Program - SmoothChords - Terms & Conditions & Info?

Q)How do I become an affiliate?
A) Register with SmoothChords. Log into the site. Click on the Affiliates Zone Button. Fill in the PayPal email address. Click the option to Activate the program. Click on Apply.

Q) How does track my sales?

A) We can determine your customers based on the link they follow. You should use a special affiliate-tracking link that includes the code id assigned to you.

Q) What is considered a sale?
A) A sale is generated when the payment has been confirmed. (Paypal, Check, Money Order, Cash) This must take place before the commission is generated and attributed to the affiliate.

Q) How do I know what format affiliate tracking links should be in?
A) These affiliate tracking links are constructed as follows: Code Id

At the end of any link pertaining to it must be completed with (/?aff=Your Code Id)

Q) How are affiliates paid?
A) Affiliates are paid monthly between the 1st – 5th of each month for sales in the previous month. Payment is by Paypal only. International Affiliates:
If your country does not support PayPal, then we will not be able to pay you for your affiliate sales. We only support international payments through PayPal.

Q) How is the commission calculated?
A) Affiliates are paid 20% on sales of products (Video Downloads, Performance Track Downloads, DVDs & CDs). ***Subscription Agreements are not included.

Q) Do you use cookies?
A) We use cookies as a way to track your customers if they do not order on their first visit. In fact, if they order at any time within the first year (1year), you will still earn commissions on the order. If the person clears out their cookies and temp internet files, your link would have to be clicked again for you to get credit for the sale.

Q) What are the best ways to make money in the program?
A) Our successful affiliates use a variety of means to earn commissions. You can advertise on your own site, by email, or through various offline methods. Creativity is the key to success. Most websites, that do well, offer quality content of some kind to their visitors.

Q) What activities are prohibited as affiliates?

We reserve the right to close/cancel your account at any given time if we feel that your website is not in line with the goals, mission, and intentions of

A) Here is a list of things that are grounds for termination as an affiliate (No Commissions Paid):

·       Spam
·       Adware or other intrusive software
·       Unauthorized use of our pictures and content
·       Any illegal or immoral use of the program to defraud other affiliates or customers
·       A site that promotes or support pornographic material or vulgar language
·       Sites that are highly aggregated with spam links, robots, and spamming scripts

Links Info
?aff= (Your Affiliate Id)

<a target="_blank" href=" Affiliate Id) ">SmoothChords : Learn To Play The Piano</a>

<a target="_blank" href=" Affiliate Id) ">Play Your Favorite Gospel Songs</a>

<a target="_blank" href=" Affiliate Id) ">Play The Piano For A Praise Team</a>

<a target="_blank" href=" Affiliate Id) ">Play The Piano For A Choir</a>


SmoothChords does not guarantee or influence the success or the failure of your online business as it relates to the SmoothChords Affiliate Program.
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