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2020-05-21, 16:12
I just subscribed to his video tutorials for only $27. I am proud black female from Mississippi & I have been using his teaching since I was in my early 20's. I am now 35 years of age and he is so easy to understand. He even called me back on today when I left a message for him. He has a great attitude and I was in shocked that he called me back from his number to make sure I was okay. I mean for $27 a month, you really can't beat it. I use to go to pianoclubhouse but came to Starling because he is a very good teacher and I can learn his ways easier. Thanks Starling for obeying Jehovah.
2018-07-12, 12:19
I just subscribed to your video tutorials and thank you so much for what you do for musicians all over the world. I have always appreciated your patience with explaining the chords as you play the song. Thank you again! And may God continue to bless you!
brandon sims
2017-11-17, 23:30
Praise the Lord starling! Thanks for your ministry of music and willingness to serve for the kingdom. It has definitely blessed me. I like your renditions of songs and the way you teach them is extraordinary. Makes us that are “trying” to learn really feel a lot more confident after learning from your tutorials. Thanks also for answering text on the spot about new tutorials, and your promptness to post new songs. I’ve recommended you to many over the past several years. Thanks again, and God Bless
Denise Simon
2017-08-19, 11:15
Thank you Mr Jones your teaching method is plain and easy to follow. I have learned many songs. Thank you for your time and efforts
Patricia Williams
2017-06-01, 16:10
I praise God for you Mr. Jones, for your gift of teaching and your patience. I am a 70 year novice piano player for my church, and learning is not easy for me. But you are so kind, and you take your time --
teaching us each note. Because you are sharing your gift, I have been able to play many times for my church ..... and the joy is indescribable! Thank you for teaching us, and please don't ever stop.
Demaris Stevens
2017-06-01, 10:53
Smooth Chord website have been a blessing to me in learning and understanding how to play gospel music. Dr. Jones, you are making a difference toward the improvement of the skills of young musicians everywhere. Stay encouraged and keep up the good work.
2017-03-21, 18:54
I am submitting this testimonial, to say Thank you Mr.Jones. I have learned to play two songs already, and have only been a paying member for a week. I have to continue to play them over and over yet; I am playing! I am so grateful that you have chosen to share your gift and knowledge, with a laymen as myself. With God's help and this website, I should be playing for a church in a couple of years. Again sir, I say thank you!! Would love to see a tutorial of the Winans song,(JESUS),
:-)..God bless.....
stennett collins
2017-03-02, 17:38
This site has been such a Blessing to me. I'm not one to catch on fast but you make it simple. Thanks to "God" and you as His instrument I have learned so much. Please keep sharing you Blessing
Carol Hendrix
2017-01-26, 14:19
Thanks so much for this site! I find it very hepful and easy to follow. I experienced a problem and you took care of it right away! I appreciate your ministry and for your sharing the awesome gift God has blessed you with!
Charles Williams
2016-07-15, 12:15
I would. Like to say to u Sterling sound u have really bless my music ministry with the awesome teaching because of u I am where I am today God just to use u as. A willing vessels to be a music ministry to a lot of people across America. U don't realize how many people u have an impact and a great influence on. To be honest with u. I look at your. Site. Every week and some of the songs u post I have done them in church or have played them somewhere else just keep doing Gods work and. U will be rewarded for your hard work
Charles Williams
2016-06-30, 12:45
My name is min C R Williams from Dallas Texas I've been blessed by God to learn and play gospel music and I really thank God for musicians like starling sounds he has a teaching technique that even a child can understand. He has help a lot of musician like me I've been playing for 5 or 6 years I play for w churches my mother in law and my dad's father in law also when other churches ask. Me to I really thank u starlings sounds am still looking for those that I requested in the past I'll continue to pass on this info to other musicians u are really gifted and talented I look forward to meeting u in person I can remember6 year ago. I didn't have keyboard and use to wake up with tunes in my spirit I knew then God was calling me to be minister of music. Keep in touch starling sounds
Veronica Parker
2016-05-12, 12:39
Mr. Jones website has truly been a blessing to me. I have been a member for a while, and recently I heard a song that I had a strong desire to play. I contacted Mr. Jones and he replied to my email immediately and scheduled a private lesson via Skype. He was very patient and answered all of my questions. After the lesson, he showed me how to navigate through his website. I truly recommend this site to anyone who is serious about playing the piano. Mr. Jones is truly talented. Thank you, Mr. Jones for sharing your gift. May God continue to bless you.
Carolyn Wilson
2016-03-31, 11:50
I came upon your site while searching for a particular track that I had not been able to find anywhere else. I was very impressed with how quickly you returned my call, your professionalism and willingness to help me to secure the track I need. Thank you for such an amazing site, and for sharing your Gift with those of us who truly need it! I'm excited about learning all I can and realizing my desire to grow into a fluent pianist.
God Bless you!
Keith Hassel
2016-03-10, 12:53
I had my first lesson with Starling. Although we have been talking for about 4 years now, I had not had a private lesson on skype. I'm in a bad situation so I needed assistance immediately. Starling assisted me and it was very enlightening and also informative. I will be testing it out tonight as well as Sunday in service.
Starling once again thanks and God bless you, your family, staff, students and your patients.
Alonzo Ward
2016-02-19, 14:29
This site has been a great help, and a great blessing to me. I've learn a lot in just a few weeks. I thank God for Brother Starling. He is very patient. He Walked me through even getting my account setup. I highly recommend this site to anyone that is serious about playing and serious about learning to play.
Lycisia Craddieth
2016-02-15, 19:18
Mr. Jones I just want to say how much of a blessing you are to me and to so many other musicians. It truly takes a person like you that is dedicated to the work of God to do what you do. I pray that God continues to bless you and this annointed site. Continue to allow God to use you in your ministry!! Sincerely Min. Craddieth
Stephanie Morris
2016-01-21, 10:32
Thank God and thank you for letting God use you to help me! God is good. You are such a blessing in showing me how to play so many popular songs for my church. You have lifted my spirit and have given me hope. For years I had been going and searching for help in my city . I didn't find the kind of help that I needed until the Lord directed me to the internet. What a blessing! You also make learning easy! EASY !!TO FOLLOW and learn. Thank you.
Lateia Humphrey
2016-01-19, 10:26
Thank the Lord for Mr. Starling Jones! He has truly helped me and blessed me to become a better musician!! I called and he returned my phone call immediately!! He answered all my questions and was in great and happy spirit.
Mark Lathan
2015-12-29, 14:48
Thank God for Starling Jones!! I've used other sites but at the end of the day Starling has everyone beat!! Your lessons are affordable, your lessons are much easier to learn and play. What I love about you is whenever I've had a problem you have always called me back personally in a timely manner. So I feel very important. I feel connected!! Also, because of your lessons I am now a hired musician!! Thanks!!!!
James Penson
2015-12-02, 20:00
Starling Jones, you have been such a blessing to me. Thank You for your mentor ship and a man of integrity. Thank You for when I call you, you call me back. That means a lot to me. God Bless You.
Ken West
2014-07-19, 01:10
I want to say how much I appreciate Mr. Jones. This site is the best gospel based site I have ever used. I have been seriously playing the piano since Fall of 2012 and now every Sunday the church I attend is amazed on how I have progressed. I thank God for the understanding and guidance. I thank Mr. Jones for providing lessons that are easy to follow. Keep doing what you are doing because you are a blessing to us all!
Jim Newsome
2012-06-14, 09:20
Hello Starling, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you taking the time to put up this very informative site.

I just upgraded to the 3 month membership and have already learned a lot just from the free videos that you have in your free section.

I'm really looking forward to learning a lot more once my membership is activated.
Regina Smith
2012-05-01, 15:39
Thank you so much for adding the IPAD and mobile device ability. I am enjoying be able to learn music on the go as I have a busy schedule.
Barbara Owens
2012-04-13, 05:33
I love the new site. It is much easier to navigate. I must admit the old site was a little frustrating I was thinking about asking for a better way to navigate through the list, but I see Mr. Jones was thinking about the users as well. Thanks you so much for all your support. I'm learning to play and this makes it fun and easy. I have been recommending this site to everyone that has expressed an interest in learning to play. Great site and excellent support team.
David Carter
2012-04-11, 18:08
Mr. jones is a great teacher! The SKYPE piano lesson was excellent!! I'll recommend this site anyone who wants to learn to play gospel piano.
clement williams
2012-04-11, 17:34
I'm so grateful that I have the opportunity to learn from this brother. Further more, to create a new site like this says to me you are concerned about your members to make learning even more simplified with easier access and better quality. Where else can you get this quality and quantity of learning?
Nikki G
2012-04-10, 08:05
Mr. Jones I just want to say that I haven't even looked into the contents of the new website yet but the new look on just the home page alone let's me know that God is moving and elevating you and the music ministry of the Kingdom! God gets all the glory but MANY, MANY thanks to you for demonstrating what it means to operate with a spirit of excellence.
Emmanuel Alemaka
2012-04-07, 01:32
Wow! the site just got real smooth. Nice job
2012-03-19, 14:51
Oh my goodness, what a wonderful experience I had speaking with Mr Jones. He was not only kind but extremely patient. He helped me through my problem checking out and gave me some great advise. I look forward to some lessons. May God continue to bless you, your family and your great music ministry. Judy in Florida
2012-03-12, 08:47
i love this site. it has helped me to play for our choir. there are a couple of songs that i would really like to learn mainly, "make me right" by rev. clay evans/lashaun pace..
thanks and be blessed..
2012-02-28, 18:35
Thanks so much for your quick response when I was having trouble with my payment while purchasing download. This site is truly a blessing to all of us trying to do God's will. Peace and love to you and yours. You've truly been a blessing to me.
2012-02-10, 19:00
You are truly wonderful and a blessing to all us struggling musicians. I just found "I Belong to God" on your tutorials - just as you promised! That alone is a blessing, so few people keep their word. Additionally, your instructions are precise and wonderful. You have literally made it possible for me to play this on this coming Sunday. Wonderful.
2012-02-10, 04:26
I love this site. I am thankful that you created it without trying to break my pocket. Your prices are wonderful and I hope they dont go up. I am glad that you are allowing the usage of iphone and ipad. This will allow me to view music on the go. I will be able to view music before going to choir rehearsal. I am so glad that you decided to do this. Great decision.
2012-01-31, 13:56
Awesome Job Starling you always comes thru when I need some chords to a song AWESOME
2012-01-25, 13:22
I love this site... If you get a chance could you please submit chords for "make me right" by clay evans/la shaun pace... and "goodnews" by wilmington chester mass choir... i have really learned how to play a lot of songs thanks to you...GOD BLESS...
Jonnie Floyd
2012-01-22, 02:26
Upgrade to sheet music! Could you add (I Got Smothing to Live For.) La Shun Pace. God Bless Yah!
2012-01-07, 19:42
I suggest this site to all musician. It blessed me so.
2011-12-14, 08:34
1st let me say, I Love this site! I was wondering if you ever considered emails or printouts or scrolling videos, showing each chord as you call them out? That way instead of us writing down what you say, we can just go print out what you said. Sometimes you use a phrases I'm not totally familiar with as a new musician. You say "five to the one"... Lol when I first heard that, I was like a what? To a what? Lol I asked someone about it and they helped me understand a little better. Just thought
Joyce Lonie
2011-12-05, 17:12
Another Blessing for me, this easy-to-follow website! Thanks so much Starling! Wonderful Work!
Chris Caesar
2011-11-23, 06:05
This is a great website. I loved it from the beginning. I think everyone should try it. You will learn alot.
2011-11-02, 09:20