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4 Chords To Musical Success!

Thursday, November 05, 2015

To play this chord progression, a musician must associate a number to the scales.

Example: Key of C
C is 1
D is 2
E is 3
F is 4
G is 5
A is 6
B is 7

By associating a number to the chord we get the following :
I chord = C
V chord = G
VI chord = A
IV chord = F

Based on the scales theory:
I chord = major (1-3-5)
V chord = major (1-3-5)
VI chord = minor (1-3b-5)
IV chord = major (1-3-5)

Left Hand / Right hand
C / C E G
G / G B D
A / A C E
F / F A C

Review the 1-5-6-4 Chord Progression Tutorial in the Free Area Of The Site. Apply this same concept to evey key and you will have no problem in playing this progression. I have included a video that shows many pop songs that use this pattern as performed by Australian musical comedy act, “The Axis of Awesome.”