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Be Your Own Unique Musician!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Be Your Own Unique Musician!

Each musician has a gift and talent that is unique to the individual. Some learn slower and some learn faster than others. Some play skillfully and some need practice. No matter what your skill level, each musician is different. I say this as an encouragement to all musicians. It is good to pattern yourself after or learn from other musicians but do not try to be the other musician. Apply all that you learn to your style and you will be fine. Find your area of concentration and work on that. Once you look inside and nourish the musician you are, then you will grow. Trying to be someone else will only frustrate you and cause you to want to quit.

I had to come to the realization that my piano playing is like no one else. It may have a similar sound or resemble another musician, but I am still unique. I believe each musician does something that another musician does not do. For that reason, I try to learn from other musicians. I add the lessons learned to my chord vocabulary as I play the piano. I also add my own twist to the chord or pattern to make it my own.

So to all who read this post, be encouraged that you are a Great Musician!
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