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Play The Piano Under Control

Friday, April 20, 2012

Play The Piano Under Control

When playing the piano a musician should be controlled in their approach. I say this as even though you may be skilled with knowledge of a lot of chords, don't overplay. I have been in some services where the musician was too busy. Playing all over the piano and bringing attention to yourself is not the key. If you are soloing, that is one thing but in most services the musician has to be mindful to flow with the service. Even though I know a lot of chords, runs and riffs, I by no means play all of that each time I minister on the piano. Musicians are to complement the service and not become a distraction. I play "Take My Life" aka "Holiness - By Micah Stampley". There are a lot of chords that can be played for this song but I chose to play 3 chords only and it works out great. I play the same three chords in an arpeggio and suspended fashion to add some color to the song. Continue to practice being sensitive to the service needs and you will go far.

What are your comments concerning flowing with the service?

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