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Smart Screen Filter - IE8 - Site Warning

Saturday, January 03, 2015

In case any have gone to the SmoothChords and received a Site Warning, I can explain that. This warning is coming up as a result of Internet 8 Screen filter. There is nothing to worry about as the site is secure and there are no issues. You can immediately submit a request for a correction when the page comes up. SmartScreen Filter provides a web-based feedback system for customers and website owners to report potential false warnings or blocks as quickly as possible.

From a red warning, click Report that this site does not contain threats. This will take you to a feedback page where you can input the data so that microsoft will know this is not a threatening site.. Follow the instructions and provide the information to submit a website for review. After submitting the information, go back to the warning and click on Disregard and Continue (not recommended).

Great Info: Smartscreen Filter Info for IE8
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