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The I - IV - V Chords - Learn this in all keys.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Every song has at least the 1 chord, 4 chord and 5 chord being played. The musician has to figure out when to play them based on the song pattern being sung. Playing this pattern in a tight set will give you a starting point and then you just have to branch out and fill in around those 3 chords. This is in the key of C but modulate half steps up and down. Pay attention to the fingering patterns and you will be playing in every key in no time. Your left hand pinky is on a C and your right hand thumb is on a C. No need to pick your hands up. Just play the Bass note and the chords that are right under your fingers. Play the notes in tight.


  • C / C, E, G <= I chord
  • F / C, F, A <= IV chord
  • C / C, E, G <= I chord
  • G / B, D, G <= V chord
  • C / C, E, G <= I chord
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