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The Music Common Sense

Thursday, August 06, 2015

The Music Common Sense
Just like you need to have common sense in life, you need to have common sense in music too. It has nothing to do with skill. There are just some things you gotta know to do and NOT to do. Now you're probably like what are they. Here are a few (Feel free to add more lol)

1. Organist: If the bass player is playing the CORRECT bass line, don't play the bass pedals. It's considered to be very disrespectful.

2. Keyboardist/Organist: If someone is playing talk music, don't try to play with them smh..its pointless. ‪‬

3. Any Musician: If you don't know the song, don't say that you DO know the song.

4. Bass Players: If you're going to change the upcoming bass note to a note that does not fit with the upcoming chord, please notify the correct parties (the band). Thats also considered very disrespectful.

5. Organist: If the preacher is preaching in a key that you can't play in, don't try to force him into YOUR key. Trust me, thats making you look bad.

6. Keyboardist: If you transpose, thats fine...just make sure you set it back to 0 when you get off.

7. Singers: Don't cuff the mic, and don't point the mic down towards the monitors.

8. Singers: Please don't put your lip on the mic. Do I really need to explain?

9. Any Musician: If you mess up, don't make a face. If you do, you just told everyone you messed up.

10. Sound Engineer: If we tell you that nothing is coming out of the monitor, please don't leave the sound booth, walk all the way down to the stage, climb up on the stage, step over chords, just so you can put your ear all the way on our monitor to see if anything is coming out. Even if you do hear something, its because your ear is INSIDE the monitor. Thats unrealistic loll.

11. Choir Director: Make sure you give the musicians the modulation signal way ahead of time. ESPECIALLY when the music has to modulate before the choir does. (Musicians, I know y'all feel me on this one lololol)

12. Sound Engineer: Please don't mute the keys line just because he or she is not playing.

13. Organist: If y'all are playing anything that has a funk feel, and they go to the 4, just hold the chord for the duration of the 4. (Not neccesarily common sense, but its good to know)

Last but not least:

14. Artist: If they tell you that you have 10 mins on stage, don't try to take 20. Especially at Changing A Generation!! 

Be Blessed!
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