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  • Author: Joshua's Troop
  • Key: Original

Lady Love (Db) Original Key is C

  • Author: Lou Rawls
  • Key: (Db) Original Key is C

Lay Your Head On My Pillow

  • Author: Tony Toni Tone
  • Key: Original Key

Lead Me Guide Me

  • Author: Congregational Song
  • Key: Eb

Lean On Me (Bill Withers)

  • Author: Bill Withers
  • Key: Db

Lean On Me (Bill Withers)- Db

  • Author: Bill Withers
  • Key: Db

Lean On Me (Hellen Miller)

  • Author: Helen Miller
  • Key: G

Leaning On The Everlasting Arm

  • Author: Rev.Timothy Wright
  • Key: Ab

Let Everything That Hath Breath

  • Author: Florida A&M Choir / Twinkie Clark-Terrell

Let Go, Let God

  • Author: DeWayne Woods
  • Key: Eb

Let It Rain

  • Author: Bishop Paul Morton
  • Key: C

Let It Rise

  • Author: William Murphy
  • Key: G

Let My Words Be Few

  • Author: Matt Redman
  • Key: Ab

Let The Church Say Amen (Original Key -Db)

  • Author: Andrae Crouch
  • Key: Db

Let The Church Say Amen - Ab

  • Author: Andrae Crouch
  • Key: Ab

Let The Church Say Amen - Eb

  • Author: Andrae Crouch
  • Key: Eb

Let The Words Of My Mouth

  • Author: Hymn Book
  • Key: C

Let Them See You (JJ Weeks Band)

  • Author: JJ Weeks Band
  • Key: C

Let Your Power Fall

  • Author: James Fortune & Zacardi Cortez
  • Key: Db

Let's Celebrate

  • Author: Rev.TImothy Wright
  • Key: Db

Let's Chill

  • Author: Guy
  • Key: Original Key

Let's Do It All

  • Author: Jodeci

Let's Get Married

  • Author: Jagged Edge
  • Key: Original Key

Let's Have A Good Time - Celebrate

  • Author: Lemmie Battles
  • Key: Ab

Lift Him Up

  • Author: Hezekiah Walker
  • Key: Fm

Like Never Before

  • Author: Shekinah Glory - William Murphy
  • Key: Dbm

Like the Dew

  • Author: Judith C. McAllister
  • Key: F

Lion Of Judah

  • Key: Db

Lion Of Judah - Eddie James

  • Author: Eddie James
  • Key: Db - D - Eb


  • Author: The Clark Sisters
  • Key: Eb