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Lifting Up The Name Of Jesus

  • Author: Helen Baylor
  • Key: D


  • Author: New Direction
  • Key: Eb

Like Never Before

  • Author: Shekinah Glory - William Murphy
  • Key: Dbm

Like the Dew

  • Author: Judith C. McAllister
  • Key: F

Lion Of Judah

  • Key: Db

Lion Of Judah - Eddie James

  • Author: Eddie James
  • Key: Db - D - Eb

Little Bit

  • Author: 3 Winan Brothers
  • Key: A


  • Author: The Clark Sisters
  • Key: Eb

Living, He Loved Me

  • Author: Donnie McClurkin / Carlton Pearson
  • Key: Ab

Looking For You

  • Author: Kirk Franklin

Lord Do It

  • Author: James Cleveland / Hezekiah Walker
  • Key: Ab

Lord Have Your Way (Joe Pace)

  • Author: Joe Pace
  • Key: G

Lord I Draw From You

  • Author: Worship Song
  • Key: C

Lord I Lift Your Name On High

  • Key: F

Lord I Say Thank You

  • Author: Lisa Page Brooks
  • Key: Eb

Lord I Thank You

  • Author: Anderson Sanctuary Choir
  • Key: Bb

Lord It's In Your Hands

  • Author: Ronica & The Mighty Blazing Stars
  • Key: Ab

Lord Keep Me Day By Day

  • Author: The Caravans
  • Key: C

Lord Keep Me Day By Day (Bb)

  • Author: Gospel Pioneer Reunion
  • Key: Bb

Lord Prepare Me (Traditional Version)

  • Key: Db

Lord You Are Awesome

  • Author: William Murphy
  • Key: Db - D- Eb

Lord You Are Good

  • Author: Israel Houghton
  • Key: E

Lord You Reign

  • Author: Bishop Leonard Scott
  • Key: Ab

Lord You're Mighty

  • Author: JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise
  • Key: Db

Lord You're Worthy

  • Author: New Direction
  • Key: Db - G

Lord You've Been Good

  • Author: Terry Macalmon
  • Key: G - Ab

Lord, I Love You

  • Author: Eddie Baltrip & Fulfillment
  • Key: F - Gb - G - Ab

Lord, You're The Landlord

  • Author: MS Mass Choir
  • Key: F

Lose My Soul (Kirk Franklin & Toby Mac)

  • Author: Kirk Franklin & Toby Mac
  • Key: Eb

Love Theory

  • Author: Kirk Franklin
  • Key: Db