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Back To Eden

  • Author: Donald Lawrence
  • Key: F#

Back To You

  • Author: Dorinda Clark-Cole
  • Key: Original Key

Balm In Gilead

  • Author: Karen Clark Sheard
  • Key: G - B

Baptize Me Jesus

  • Author: Male Chorus
  • Key: C

Be Blessed

  • Author: Bishop Paul Morton
  • Key: Bb - Db

Be Encouraged

  • Author: William Becton
  • Key: Db

Be Encouraged

  • Author: Joshua's Troop

Be Fruitful

  • Author: VaShawn MItchell
  • Key: Gb

Be Lifted - Micah Stampley

  • Author: Micah Stampley
  • Key: A

Be Ready

  • Author: Darrell McFadden
  • Key: E

Be Right

  • Author: Keith "Wonderboy" Johnson
  • Key: A

Beautiful (Mali Music)

  • Author: Mali Music
  • Key: F

Beautiful As You

  • Author: Jim Brickman
  • Key: Original Key

Beauty Of Holiness

  • Author: Ohio Mass Choir
  • Key: Bb

Because He Lives

  • Author: Hymn Book
  • Key: Ab

Because Of Calvary

  • Author: John P. Kee
  • Key: D

Because Of Who You Are

  • Author: Vicki Yohe
  • Key: F

Been In The Storm

  • Author: Joe Ligon
  • Key: C

Been There Done That

  • Author: Rev. Timothy Wright
  • Key: Db and Up....

Before The Throne

  • Author: Shekinah Glory

Believe For It

  • Author: CeCe Winans
  • Key: G

Best Friend Groove

  • Author: Ron Isley & Kelly Price
  • Key: Db

Best Part

  • Author: Daniel Caesar & H.E.R
  • Key: D


  • Author: Hezekiah Walker
  • Key: E - F - F#


  • Author: Skylar Patterson & Predestined
  • Key: F

Better Days

  • Author: LeAndria Johnson
  • Key: F

Better Is One Day

  • Author: Charlie Hall
  • Key: E

Better Than Good

  • Author: Todd Galberth
  • Key: G

Bless Me (JJ Hairston)

  • Author: JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise
  • Key: Db - Eb

Bless That Wonderful Name Of Jesus

  • Key: Db
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