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A Heart That Forgives

  • Author: Kevin Levar
  • Key: G

A Little More Jesus

  • Author: Erica Campbell
  • Key: Bb

A Praying Spirit

  • Author: Karen Clark Sheard-Donald Lawrence
  • Key: D

Above All / Lord I Lift Your Name On High

  • Author: Stephen Hurd
  • Key: G

After This

  • Author: JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise
  • Key: G - Ab

Agnus Dei - Worship Song

  • Author: Worship Song
  • Key: A


  • Author: JJ Hairston
  • Key: B

All Because Of Jesus

  • Author: Andrae Crouch
  • Key: Eb - F

All I Need

  • Author: Brian Courtney Wilson
  • Key: Db

All Is Well

  • Author: Rev.Clay Evans & AARC Masss Choir

All The Way

  • Author: Carlton Pearson
  • Key: G

All Things Come Of Thee (Offering Song)

  • Author: Offering Song
  • Key: G

Alpha & Omega

  • Author: Israel Houghton
  • Key: Db

Already Getting Better

  • Author: William Murphy
  • Key: C

Already Here

  • Author: Brian Courtney Wilson
  • Key: Ab

Alright, It's Gonna Be Alright

  • Author: Min. Jimmy Brown & Pure Worship
  • Key: Ab - Bb


  • Author: Ricky Dillard
  • Key: Db

Amazing Grace

  • Author: Hymn Book
  • Key: F

Amazing Grace (Db)

  • Author: Hymn
  • Key: Db

Amen (Piano Riff)

  • Author: Meek Mill
  • Key: G

Angel's Cry

  • Author: William Murphy
  • Key: E


  • Author: Tim Rogers & The Fellas
  • Key: F#

Anointing Fall On Me

  • Key: Db

Anointing Take Me Higher

  • Author: The Clark Sisters
  • Key: Ab

Another Blessing

  • Author: Melvin & Lee WIlliams
  • Key: Bb

Another Chance

  • Author: Joshua's Troop
  • Key: F


  • Author: Lonnie Hunter
  • Key: A

Arise (You Are Good)

  • Author: William Murphy
  • Key: G-Ab-A-Bb


  • Author: Stevie Wonder
  • Key: B

As Long As There's You

  • Author: Donnie McClurkin
  • Key: G
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