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Radical Praise

  • Author: Beverly Crawford
  • Key: Original Key


  • Author: Tamela Mann
  • Key: Bb

Rain Down

  • Author: Fighting Temptations Movie

Rain On Us

  • Author: Sha' Simpson
  • Key: G

Rain On Us (John P Kee)

  • Author: John P. Kee
  • Key: Db


  • Author: Vicki Winans
  • Key: Bb

Raise a Hallellujah

  • Author: Bethel Music
  • Key: Db

Raise It Up

  • Author: August Rush
  • Key: C

Reckeless Love

  • Author: Corey Asbury
  • Key: F#


  • Author: Jonathan Nelson
  • Key: Db


  • Author: Israel Houghton
  • Key: E

Relative Major & Relative Minor

  • Author: Starling Jones,Jr.
  • Key: All Keys

Remember Me - Traditional Song

  • Key: Db


  • Author: Lauren Daigle
  • Key: Gb

Rescue Story

  • Author: Zach Williams
  • Key: C


  • Author: The Winans
  • Key: Db

Revelations 19 (Hallelujah,Salvation,Glory)

  • Author: Stephen Hurd
  • Key: Db

Ribbon In The Sky

  • Author: Stevie Wonder
  • Key: Db

Right Here

  • Author: John P. Kee
  • Key: F#

Right Now Lord

  • Author: The Wardlaw Brothers
  • Key: A

Right Now Praise

  • Author: Jonathan Nelson
  • Key: B - C - Db

Rise Up

  • Author: Andra Day
  • Key: Db

Rise Up (Lazurus)

  • Author: Cain
  • Key: C

Rock Of Ages (UpTempo)

  • Author: Truth Ministries Youth Mass Choir
  • Key: F#

Rock'n That Thang

  • Author: The Dream
  • Key: Original Key

Rough Side Of The Mountain

  • Author: F.C Barnes & Company
  • Key: Eb

Run And Tell That

  • Author: Bishop Michael V Kelsay
  • Key: Db

Running For My Life

  • Author: Lee Williams & The Spiritual QC's
  • Key: B

Running Over

  • Author: Joe Pace
  • Key: Bb