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I'll Worship You

  • Author: Clint Brown
  • Key: Ab Up To C

I'm All In

  • Author: Maranda Curtis
  • Key: Bb

I'm Depending On You

  • Author: Shawn Jones
  • Key: Db

I'm Free

  • Author: MIlton Brunson
  • Key: Bb-C-Db

I'm Getting Ready

  • Author: Tasha Cobbs
  • Key: Ab

I'm Gonna Be Ready

  • Author: Yolanda Adams
  • Key: Bb-B

I'm Gonna Wave My Hands - New Direction

  • Author: New Direction
  • Key: Dbm

I'm His Child

  • Author: Zella Jackson Price (Malcolm Speed)
  • Key: Eb

I'm Looking For A Miracle

  • Author: The Clark Sisters
  • Key: Ab

I'm Not Tired Yet

  • Author: Miississippi Mass Choir
  • Key: Db

I'm Ready To Serve The Lord

  • Author: Donald Malloy
  • Key: Db

I'm Still Here

  • Author: The WIlliams Brothers
  • Key: Eb

I'm Still Holding On

  • Author: Luther Barnes
  • Key: Eb

I'm Yours

  • Author: Casey J
  • Key: Db

I've Got A Reason - Hezekiah

  • Author: Hezekiah Walker
  • Key: Bb

I've Got A Reason - Simplified Version

  • Author: Byron Cage / Deon Kipping
  • Key: Db

I've Got A Testimony

  • Author: Rev. Clay Evans
  • Key: Ab

I've Got Favor

  • Author: New Direction
  • Key: Eb & Modulating

If Anybody Asks You Who I Am

  • Key: Cm

If I Can Help

  • Author: Mahalia Jackson
  • Key: G

If I Don't Wake Up

  • Author: The WIlliams Brothers
  • Key: F#

If It Had Not Been For The Lord On My Side

  • Key: Db

If Jesus Can't Fix It

  • Author: The Mighty Clouds Of Joy
  • Key: Db

If Not For Your Grace

  • Author: Israel Houghton
  • Key: F

If You Can Use Anything Lord, You Can Use Me (Chorus Only)

  • Author: Ron Kenoly
  • Key: Db

If You're Happy Say Amen

  • Author: Whitehaven District Choir
  • Key: Db

Imagine Me

  • Author: Kirk Franklin
  • Key: C

In Awe Of You (Simplified)

  • Author: Izzy
  • Key: F

In Everything Give Thanks

  • Author: Lashun Pace
  • Key: Db

In My New Home

  • Author: Lee Williams & The Spiritual QC's
  • Key: B