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We've Come This Far By Faith

  • Key: Db

Welcome Holy Spirit

  • Author: Evelyn Turrentine-Agee
  • Key: Am

Welcome Into This Place

  • Key: Db

Well Done

  • Author: Deitrick Haddon
  • Key: Db

What A Beautiful Name

  • Author: Hillsong Worship Song
  • Key: D

What A Beautiful Name (Db)

  • Author: Hillsong
  • Key: Db

What A Fellowship

  • Author: Hymn Book
  • Key: F

What A Friend

  • Author: Hymn Book
  • Key: F

What A Friend We Have In Jesus (Db)

  • Author: Congregations Hymn
  • Key: CJ

What A Love

  • Author: Shekinah Glory
  • Key: F#

What A Mighty God We Serve

  • Key: Db

What About Us

  • Author: Jodeci
  • Key: Original Key

What Are You Going To Name Your Baby

  • Author: Shirley Caesar
  • Key: Eb

What He's Done For Me

  • Author: Lisa Knowles & The Brown Sisters
  • Key: Bb

What More Can I Do

  • Author: Luther Barnes
  • Key: C

What's In Your Name

  • Author: Daryl Coley
  • Key: Eb

Whatever It Takes

  • Author: The Lanny Wolfe Tro
  • Key: D - Eb

Whatever You Need

  • Author: North Carolina Community College

Whatever You Want

  • Author: Tony Toni Tone
  • Key: Original Key

Whatever You Want (God's Got It)

  • Author: Chicago Mass Choir
  • Key: Ab

When All God's Children Get Together

  • Author: New DIrection & Donald Lawrence
  • Key: C

When He Calls Me, I Will Answer

  • Author: Congregational Song
  • Key: Db

When I First Saw You

  • Author: Jaime Foxx
  • Key: D

When I See Jesus

  • Author: Solo Selection
  • Key: C

When I Think About Jesus - Dance All Night (Vamp)

  • Author: Kirk Franklin
  • Key: Ab

When I Think About The Lord

  • Key: Eb

When I Worship

  • Author: Joe Pace
  • Key: Db, D, Eb

When I'm With You

  • Author: Tony Terry
  • Key: Ab

When The Gates Swing Open

  • Author: Otis Clay
  • Key: C

When We All Get To Heaven

  • Author: Hymn Book
  • Key: C